Healthy and nutritious meals delivered weekly to ensure you hit all your macro-nutrient needs.


Lean Eatin is the North East's premier meal delivery service. Whether you are a professional athlete, bodybuilder or just an everyday worker looking to improve your diet Lean Eatin can be of service.

Weekly Meal Delivery from £40p/w

Struggle to eat healthily throughout the week? Sick of meal preparation day in, day out? From £40 per week Lean Eatin can deliver healthy, balanced meals each day to make sure you are eating healthy and getting the nutrients you need. Whether you are training full time or simply just want to eat better all of Lean Eatin's meals contain a balanced make up of carbs, protein and greens to make sure your body gets what it needs.

Choose Meal Plan

Each plan is for 6 consecutive days.

£40 (12 meals)

£55 (18 meals)